What I like about me

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I haven’t been explicitly asked to do this tag but I’m doing it cos I want to.

The tag requires me to “list five weird things about myself”. I already mentioned two very weird things about me in this post.

Before going any further, I would like to say that I like all the little subtle weirdness in people. I think it contributes towards one’s individuality.

On with the list:

  • I can’t use the T9 dictionary for writing text messages and given that I’m a very tech-savvy guy otherwise, this is very weird and almost embarrassing for me. I have to make do with multitap.
  • I always fear that my signature at important places like on a bank cheque won’t match the sample signature although that has never really happened. I somehow find my signatures taken at different times very different. (A friend who wanted me to write a cheque today somehow reminded me of this weirdness.)
  • I can’t use bad words or shout profanities at anyone. I’ve never in my life used bad language. I occasionally use the f word on this blog but never in person. Anyone who I’ve ever met will vouch for it. I read once somewhere that the inability to curse is a result of lack of self-confidence but I am very confident perhaps over-confident so I don’t think that’s the reason.
  • My shoelaces are almost always untied or loose. No matter which shoe or which laces I use, if it’s mine, it’s always like that. I don’t like slip-ons so that’s not an option. Thanks to this, I can walk for miles with long, untied shoelaces without stumbling or falling.
  • Can’t think of a fifth point and that too after lecturing freeze about it. Now that’s weird!