What’s Going On?

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So as I wrote in my last post, a lot of blogworthy things happened in the past few days. So here are a few of those that come to my mind right now:

  • I was offered a job with a good pay package but a terrible job profile. I had no clue what to do and thus began a slew of phone conversations with anybody and everybody I knew in the field of IT in Bangalore. Now, you need to understand that talking to so many people in 2 days is a big deal for me. There are only 7-8 people to whom I can talk in the world for more than 5 mins on the phone. Plus I had to talk to people who I had not talked to for weeks or months. But I did a surprisingly good job talking to everyone. This just reconfirms two things: I work well under difficult situations and I love praising myself.
  • I declined the offer finally. I have no regrets about doing that.
  • At the family front, things are good. My youngest sister gave birth to my newest niece last Friday.
  • I hate the street dogs in Bangalore far more than I did ever before. This is because of a mad dog on Millers Road who has now attacked me 3 times. Its crazy.
  • I couldn’t write a post on Rockstar:INXS this week but sadly there wasn’t much to write about it anyway. Last week’s show completely sucked ass. I almost slept. Suzie went home (yay!). I hope things will get better this week in the finale. I am placing my bet on Marty. JD would be my second choice and Mig the last. Lets see what happens.
  • Things aren’t too bad on the reality TV front either because though I’ve lost all interest in Rockstar:INXS and its about to end anyways, my favorite reality show ever, The Amazing Race is coming back in two weeks. I’m not very thrilled about the new season being the Family Edition but I trust Bruckheimer.
  • I wanted to post about the new Lux ad featuring Shah Rukh Khan but couldn’t and now its too late for that so I’ll just copy-paste my thoughts on it that I posted as a comment on another blog:“Shah Rukh looks creepy in the ad. He looks like a serial killer who kidnaps and kills women/men (whoever he prefers) and this ad seems to have been recorded when he is training his latest victim on how to take his/her last bath ever.”

That’s all for now. More later…