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King Kong – Movie Review

Warning: Might contain spoilers and infantile views.

So I finally saw “King Kong” on Saturday evening.

And, to say its great or fantastic would be an understatement. I’ll just say that it’s an experience worth having and that Peter Jackson has done it again.

The movie makes Jurassic Park, Godzilla and the likes look like b-grade sci-fi flicks.

The CGI is of course out-of-the-world. Not that you expect anything less from Jackson.

The story in a line if you don’t already know it: A film crew sets out on a voyage in search of a mythical “Skull Island” and finds a lot more than it bargained for. The crew comprises of the moviemaker, Carl Denham (Jack Black), the lead actress, Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts), the scriptwriter, Jack Driscoll (Adrien Brody) and few other not-too-important people.

The movie starts off slowly and the build up takes a little too long although it does provide a very good contrast to what you are about to witness but once the real action begins you forget all about it cos there is simply no time to think.
The screen is soon bombarded with one sequence after another and the excitement never ends. Some commendable examples are the ship hitting the rocks, the first interaction between the film crew and the inhabitants of Skull Island, the subsequent kidnap of Ann and the dinosaur stampede.
It’s difficult to not think of Kong (played by Andy Serkis), the giant ape, as a quintessential bollywood hero who fights off baddies for his girl in the long one-dinosaur-after-another sequence.

The director is also successful in lending a somber tone to the worms-n-crustaceans-attack-humans sequence.

The relationship between Kong and Ann has been developed beautifully. Ann moving closer to Kong when the last dinosaur approaches and Kong showing off his anger when Ann refuses to perform have been executed well.

The capture of Kong, “The King Kong Show” and the Kong-in-Manhattan destruction sequences are again brilliant. I especially loved the way Kong picks up random blondes and throws them when they don’t turn out to be Ann. The ice-skating sequence also deserves a special mention.
And the climax, set against New York skyline, is spectacular and heartbreaking.

All the actors are good in whatever role they have cos we all know that the main hero here is Kong. Naomi Watts is already one of my favorites and she is brilliant here as the beauty who captures the heart of the beast. You can feel the pain in her eyes when Kong slips from the top of Empire State building. She looks very beautiful in the movie. But I couldn’t help noticing how with every movie, she’s starting to look more and more like Nicole Kidman.

Andy Serkis is great too. First Gollum and now Kong, he surely knows how to play CGI generated characters. Adrien Brody plays second fiddle to an ape so it won’t be wrong to say that he’s totally wasted here. I was apprehensive about Jack Black playing the role of a ruthless, unredeemable showman but he manages to do a fine job.

But the biggest winners here are Peter Jackson, CGI and the audience.

Go watch it for the kid in you!!

Rating: 10/10