Fun..aa (now includes Fanaa – Movie Review)

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I worked (Well, more like went to the office) on last two Saturdays so I had made up my mind not to work today and thus began my fun Saturday.

I had booked my ticket for the morning show of “Fanaa” but I needed to eat something before that so I went to this nice, little joint called “Fresh n Natural” and ordered a juice and a sandwich. Now I don’t know about everyone but to me a sandwich means two slices of bread cut into two halves but to my surprise (or rather shock), the guy got me four slices of bread. Who eats that much? I could ate half the sandwich (2 slices, that is) and left the rest.

Coming to the movie now, I’m not gonna write a review cos I am too tired but it was nice. I’m not tired now and I accidentally wrote that the movie was nice so I must write a review now.

So here it is:

The moive is good in parts. The first half is really dull and too heavy on ghisi-piti shaayari that completely bores and irritates. The song “Des Rangeela” is awful. Apart from that, the music is okay. Aamir looks old in his guide getup. Tho I did like the fact that they cast ex-channel V VJ and Indian Sabrina Shruti Seth to play Kajol’s friend cos I really like her.

*review pause*

I must say that even tho I don’t believe that people have types as in “She’s not my type” but Shruti Seth is definitely the type of girl I like. Let me define the type for you – Beautiful and cute but very unsexy.

*review pause over*

I liked the second half far better. Atleast it didn’t have too much poetry. Both Aamir and Kajol look better in the second half. Tabu tries to lend some credibility to the terror threat plot and fails miserably. You never feel like something of (inter)national importance is going on. In fact, I laughed really hard when Tabu announced that the terrorists stole different parts of a missile from Russia, India and Pakistan and they now have a whole missile. How ridiculous is that! The special effects are particularly bad and make you laugh. There’s also a photo of Rishi Kapoor from the days of “Bobby” which looks out of place.

Update2: I forgot to mention Kajol’s really hot friend called Bobo. She looks like a softer version of Suzanne Khan Roshan (whatever she’s called). Also, when Kajol’s “Dil Kya Kare” (a terrible movie) released, Kunal Kohli mocked it on his show “Chalo Cinema” bcos Kajol got pregnant after having sex just once with Ajay Devgan in the movie…..and yet!

So the movie sure has a few flaws but it is so insipid that I didn’t dislike it.And yes, really far, far better than what I expected. Altho I must confess that my expectations from movies have taken a serious hit ever since I watched “Humko Deewana Kar Gaye”.

My rating *changed after Lucio’s comment*: 6.25 / 10

And yes, I kept my promise of 1 post per week.

PS: I forgot to tell you about the second shocker of the day. I have seen cars and bikes with a “L” sign but for the first time, I saw a BMTC bus with a giant red “L” painted on its back. What’s that about?