My Weekend’s Highlights

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  • I spotted a van distributing GETIT yellow pages 2005-06 and happilly got a copy for myself. In fact, I am so happy about it that I can’t even tell you. And don’t ask why cos I have no idea myself.
  • I was flipping through channels on Saturday evening and KBC2 was on. Even though I don’t watch the show, I thought I might do with making fun of stupid people who don’t know answers to the simplest of questions. The show started with Amitabh comparing human relationships to Bluetooth which was weird to say the least…some over payed writers need to be fired, like, right now. At any rate, to my utter surprise, the player who was on the hot seat lost very quickly cos he was dumb and then a new player was chosen and to my utter surprise, it was none other than my 7th grade history teacher. I called up my mom immediately to confirm that it was her but my mom didn’t remember her at all but I was pretty sure that it was her and then Nitin, my friend from school days who also works in Bangalore, called me up and we both had a good laugh about it. In case you are interested in knowing, she won Rs.640,000. And whats interesting is that she lost because of a political science question.
  • I saw …Yahaan in a half-full theater in the newly opened INOX and I liked the movie and the place.
  • I went over to my cousin’s place for dinner on Sunday evening. They had some other guests over too who were talking about taxes and mutual funds and ppf and whatnot and I was thinking about mentioning all that in my blog.