Pom Pom

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Work is again coming in the way of my blogging. The post frequency would be low for a couple of weeks.

I went to my cousin’s place on Makar Sankranti and somehow the discussion moved to songs that became huge hits but seem very dumb and laughable now. Here are a few examples:

Saath mere aaogi- kahaan, ice cream khaoogi- haan haan – 2
saath bulate ho ice cream khilate ho, bolo irada hain kya
apana yeh wada hain nek iraada hain, waah waah
tumko ghumaunga main duniya dikhaunga main aayega tumko mazza
taram param pam param pam taram param pam – 2

And this one’s even better:

pom pom – 2, hey mama miya mama miya
pyar ki gaadi tez chalaon, accelerator aur dabaaon
prem gali mein mode bahut hain, dekho dil ke tod bahut hain
rasta mudd jaane wala hain, main road aane wala hain
stop, love, love (mama miya pom pom – 2)

These were the lyrics of a popular song from Justice Chaudhury starring Jeetendra and Sridevi. I myself was a big fan of this song. In fact, I had a compilation cassette of this movie with Himmatwala and I listened to it all day. I loved all songs of Sridevi.

Then there was a song from Dance Dance that I absolutely loved:

Aa gaya aa gaya
halwawala aa gaya
aa gaya aa gaya
halwawala aa gaya
rang jamaane aa gaya
roop dikhaane aa gaya
aa gaya aa gaya
halwawala aa gaya

Then, back in the mid 90s, Bali Brahmbhatt became very popular because of:

Amma dekh, aa dekh, tera munda bigda jayee,
Bebe dekh, aa dekh, tera munda bigda jayee.

The song is from a flop movie starring Jackie Shroff called Stuntman.

There are lots of such songs but I don’t have the time to find the lyrics and I’m too lazy to write the lyrics myself.

PS: All the non-Hindi-speaking readers are requested to forgive me for this very Hindi post. I would have loved to translate these songs but there’s no time. *very sad face*