Weekend Adventures

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I had fun this weekend.

– I bought a strolley bag. Now, this may not seem very important but it was. You see, this was the first time I bought something that involved making a choice and bargaining all by myself. I think I did well!

– I also started devising a plan on how to make Bangalore a better place, basically getting rid of all the small problems. So far, I’ve come up with just one step:

  1. Kill Deve Gowda. (If only everyone had paid attention to the perfect solution I suggested two months ago, this day would not have come)

I’ll think of rest of the steps later.

– Anyways, also saw Lucky – No Time For Love on Saturday till it bored me to sleep. Veer Zaara was also on yesterday and it was boring too. It’s one the most overrated movies of all times. But the worst part is that now is that now the TV channels have started showing interviews with the stars and makers before and in between the movie. Why?? I don’t need to see that. If I wanted to see that, I would have bought the DVD.

– CNBC TV18 featured the whole Bloggers vs. IIPM story on “The Tech Show” this weekend. It mentioned Desipundit and even featured a small interview with Rashmi Bansal. But instead of taking sides, they discussed how the few regulations that do exist in India do not apply to blogs.