Public Demand

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There have been few requests for posts about TV and I wanted to write something about music for quite some time so I’ll put it all together.

But not before some ranting. Recently, few colleagues when asked for their opinion on me said that I seemed to be little arrogant at first but once they got to know me, I turned out to be a pretty easygoing person. Now, this is something I refuse to accept. As far as I know myself, I am arrogant and an easygoing person as well. So the correct thing to say would be that I am just a little arrogant but an easygoing person. What do you all think?

Update: When I asked “What do you all think?”, I did not ask for your opinion about me, okay. I meant to ask, Can’t a person be both arrogant and easygoing? After being loyal readers of my blog, you really think I care about what people think of me? Well, I do but never show it so answer the correct question, please!

Moving on, Idol fever is on with both Indian Idol and American Idol being aired at the same time. Indian Idol is already in the Gala round where all the contestants seem to be well trained in crying and begging for votes. American Idol has just started so auditions are what we’ve got to see so far. Somehow AI auditions are more fun to watch. They have more weird characters than II does. The freaks in India want to act more than they want to sing, I think.

The songs I’m listening to these days are “Heard ‘Em Say” by Kanye West feat. Adam Levine, “Check On It” by Beyonce Knowles, “Khwaahishon Se” by Shreya Ghosal and Kunal Ganjawala from Holiday and a better quality version of “Naina Neer Bahaye” by Sadhna Sargam from Water. It truly is a great song.

I change the channel ASAP whenever the song “Aapka Suroor” by Himesh Reshammiya is on. Why must he always howl like a dog? And his other song, “Jhalak Dikhla Jaa” from Aksar, in all probability, is the most nasal song to be released ever. And both of these songs are hits, apparently. What’s wrong with everyone?