Rock Star:INXS Week 3

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The third week of the show saw a lot more drama than the earlier two weeks combined and even though it is rare for a reality show (especially one from Mark Burnett) to have such less drama as Rockstar seemed to have initially, I, as a reality TV addict was missing the drama.

That is not to say that I don’t like the show cos I do and am kinda surprised that the show is getting such low ratings.

The week kicked off with JD asking everybody if they were OK with him for saying “while they’re learning the INXS songs, I know them because I love them”.
And unsurprisingly, most of them said they were. Now I would like to say at this point that I don’t really like these kinda statement-questions, u know of the

-r we okay?
-i hope u didn’t mind.
-i hope i wasn’t rude.

variety cos more often than not people who are asking these questions expect a yes to r we okay and a no to the others and more often than not they get those answers which is sad cos whenever somebody asks such an assy question, they deserve an honest answer which actually is no in the first case and yes in the other two.

Huh, coming back to the show, JD continued to make an ass of himself by first trying sort things with Brandon who (thankfully) told him that he was hurt by what he said and then making a scene before letting everybody go for song selection.

The he pulled Jordis aside and convinced her to let him have “We are the Champions”, which is a good tactic cos you are in a competition after all but then he starts having problems with the song and wants Jordis to switch it back but Jordis isn’t buying it. So he is stuck with the song. Heh.

This week definitely saw the worst performances so far and I really thought that Tara will go home this week but the bottom three included Heather, Daphna and Jessica. I was surprised to see Jessica in the bottom three cos her performance this week was better than that of most of the others. I guess a lot of people hate her.
I don’t, YET.

Anyways, long story short Jessica stayed and INXS sent both Daphna & Heather home. Good riddance. It was a smart decision on INXS’s part to spare themselves and the viewers of some suffering.
Who can we get rid of next week – perhaps sitting ducks Tara and Brandon.