Rock Star:INXS Week 6 aka Finally!!

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Drama ensued when the contestants were divided into two groups and asked to write a song for a new tune.

The two groups were:-

Ty(leader), Deanna, Suzie and Mig
Marty(leader), Jordis, Jessica and JD.

There was trouble when Marty decided that he was Papa bear, Jordis – Mama bear, Jessica – (justborn)baby bear and JD – outsider bad bear. JD wanted to be loved and accepted but Jordis & Marty rebuked him and he left home.

The other group wrote a traffic drill theme song,”Stop!Go!”. No, really.

In the end, Ty’s team won because of team work even though “our band”INXS thought that JD’s effort was the best.

JD and Marty almost fought over it the next day.

This week had fairly good performances:

Jordis – Great job singing “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door”.

Jessica - Torn

Jessica – Surprisingly good rendition of “Torn”. She looked good too having managed to wear something decent.

Suzie – She is so boring that I started thinking abt something else.

JD – Okay performance.

Deanna – She looks good.

Marty – Couldn’t help laughing when he tried singing “O baby baby” in a dark manner. Whoever decided to make him sing “Baby One More Time” should be shot in the head.

Mig – Very good as usual singing “Baby I Love Your Way”.

Ty – Couldn’t care less abt him. I just don’t like him. He is like JD but boring.

Moving on to the elimination show, Mig got the encore and called Jordis & Marty to join him on the stage because they all love each other. (Makes me sick.)

Jessica (4th time), Deanna & Suzie(3rd time) landed in the bottom three.

Jessica was finally eliminated because she was “not right” for “our band”INXS. Well, it had to happen but its sad that Jessica went home the week she gave her best performance. INXS could have easily gotten rid of her few weeks ago which made them look like asses too this week.

Jessica goodbye

Goodbye, Jessica. You will be missed(by me, at least).

Prediction time:-

Next to go: Suzie

Final three: Jordis, Mig, Marty