Rock Star:INXS Week 8 aka Rockstars Ain’t Classy

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This week the contestants were asked to perform for a new INXS song in the studio and we got the usual drama. JD wasn’t prepared well, Jordis changed the melody, Suzie bitched some more and the rest remained out of focus.

Since “our band” INXS has already said that it isn’t about the performance anymore, I’ll just tell you what I think of the contestants (which I do in any case).

Suzie: She seems to have become a star all of a sudden but I think she still sucks. She was just okay with her rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and managed to show her lack of class with her facial expressions throughout the elimination show. And she got the encore, again. If she wins, the rest of INXS members will have to commit suicide too.

Mig: I have to admit that in the first episode he seemed like the gayest thing ever to happen to rock but even though he has changed his image since then, he isn’t very good. Good, but not very good. But at least he still has class.

Jordis: Something seems to have happened to her. Somebody broke her. And what’s the deal with the constantly watery eyes? She is going downhill every week, it was sad to see her in the bottom three. I hope she doesn’t win and has a successful solo career.

Marty: To me, he is non-existent so lets move on.

JD: Yes!! In the bottom three!! You’re going home soon!!!

Ty: It’s the spikes. I hate spikes. I don’t think I can like anyone who has pointy, scary spikes on his head. I can’t thank INXS enough for sending him home. And even on his way out, Ty cried and played the race card again. Real classy!

“Our band” INXS: What is Suzie paying them to praise her average performances so much?