Rock Star:INXS Week 9 aka Boring!

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After Ty’s shocking (really??) elimination, the remaining five finalists had the customary “I love the person who got eliminated so much” toast and then Jordis lost me like forever by saying that she should have been the one to go. You can never do that as long as you are still in the competition and anybody who does should be eliminated irrespective of his or her merit.

This week’s clinic involved getting their professional photos taken. In short, Jordis had some problems; Mig was too sexy for his own good and the rest were fine. Dave thought Jordis was uncomfortable in front of the camera. I thought she wanted to get out of the show.

It was JD’s birthday and cake fight ensued. I hate cake fights. I hate the use of cake other than for eating. Group shower, which I hate even more, followed the cake fight.

This week the rockers got to perform a fan favorite song and an original song.

JD: Okayish job singing “Come As You Are”. His original song, “Pretty Vegas”, sounded good. He was less annoying this week than ever before.

Suzie: Next, please.

Mig: I hope he wins. I don’t like him too much but he is all right for INXS.

Jordis: She sang, “We Are the Champions” as a loser would sing it. I swear I could still see some tears forming in her eyes. Why? Her original song, “Try Not” was boring.

Marty: He just might win this thing. He is good.

The elimination show was one hour long this week too. Jordis, JD and Suzie (The erstwhile queen of bottom three) were in the bottom three. Jordis got eliminated and everybody in the auditorium including INXS knew that this isn’t the last of her that we will see.

INXS have somehow managed to end up with the four most boring people in the final four.

Who will win? I don’t know. Does anyone even care?