You be the Judge

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I am still trying my hand at photography and I don’t think I’m very good at it YET but since most of you (which means two people) said they would like to see my photos, I present before you few of my pictures.

But before you see these, I want you all to remember that I’m an amateur photographer so no criticism will be tolerated.
Ulsoor on a cloudy day

The photo you see here was taken at Ulsoor Lake last Saturday.

Click here to see all my photos on flickr.
Let me know what you think of my photos.

So I’ve been exploring flickr for the past one week and since it provides a nifty “blog this” feature, I’ve created a photo-blog to share my favorite photos with all of you. Its called “Creazione Artistica” (name – courtesy Akanksha). Visit it now. It has some really cool pictures. And bookmark or syndicate it so you never miss all the great pics i post there.