Look Around You

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Its only been few days since I bought my new camera and since I don’t get time to go to some picturesque locations for a shoot during the week, I had to limit my experimentation around the office and home. I still have to learn a lot of tricks because the camera offers a lot of choices and it takes time to figure out when to use what.

Edit: I posted the pic of my dirty shoes I talked about in the last post on the request of two people but then decided to just give a link to that pic on flickr. Go watch it there and if you find it gross, don’t complain.

Anyhow, here are some of the pictures I have taken with my new digicam.

 Flowers in the office

Some small different colored flowers in the office campus.

Plants in the office campus

Some plants in the office campus.

A large Cloud

A giant cloud as seen from the office terrace.

Hope you like them. You can see these and few other new pics on my flickr page as always.

Note: I do not plan to turn this blog into a photoblog so I won’t be posting pictures here unless there’s some special reason. You can always find all my pics on flickr.