Leave My Road Alone!!

Posted by in Bangalore, Ranting

Lord knows how much I hate BCC, BESCOM and every other organization that is directly or indirectly responsible for sad conditions of Bangalore’s roads but what kept me going so long was the little comfort that I used to get from the fact that all roads around my place are in miraculously good shape(by Bangalore’s standards, of course). But now they have crossed the line. BESCOM or some other company has starting digging up Nandidurg Road for laying some really fat green optical fiber cables. This has unsurprisingly lead to traffic jams on this always busy road and I am sure once these buffoons are done laying the cables, they will either leave the road dug up or just fool everyone (everyone working for BCC, that is by filling the trenches with mud. Now only a miracle can save my road and restore its glory although the fact that a lot of VIPs live in area might help too.

Let’s wait and watch.