Road Rage Vol. 2

Posted by in Bangalore, Ranting

You are stuck in traffic. You are wondering who should you kill first. The guy in the red car who just changed his lane the fifth time, the cyclist who believes he is faster than you or the guy on the motorbike who’s been yapping away on his cell phone for the past five minutes and then the light goes green and the hope of getting out of this mess rekindles but not for too long because by the time you reach the white line, the signal turns red again.

Disappointed, you stop, curse your luck and try to relax and then this guy on a motorbike comes from behind, dodging all the cars and auto rickshaws, stops right next to you and then after few secs, starts his bike again and crosses all kinds of lines and happily positions his bike in front of you. No freaking, kidding. Right in front of you. Way ahead of the white line. Making you look like a fool for following the rules.

Now you are sure that you want to kill him but then decide to be the bigger person and let it go. The light turns green and you feel relieved and are ready to go but you can’t. Why? Because the f**ker in front to you can’t start his bike. People behind you are honking, everyone around you is moving and you are sitting helplessly and then when its too much, you start honking too and then what does he do, he looks at you, gives a broad smile and makes a gesture, as if to say. “Well, it’s not my fault. It can happen to anybody, right?”

Then you finally reach home, almost forget about it and the next day morning, the whole thing comes back to you on your way to office and to vent your anger, you write a post about it on your blog.