Who Wants To Cross The Road?

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So it seems like the traffic police of Bangalore (You know, one of the many government organizations/agencies/whatever that I hate) finally took out some time from their busy schedule involving putting their tiny brains to think about ways to decongest traffic in Bangalore and got thinking about the plight of the pedestrians in the city who have to dodge all the monsters masquerading as BMTC buses everyday while trying to cross roads and especially long one-ways with no traffic signals.

Pedestrian-controlled traffic signals will be installed on eight roads most of which are one way. Having spent 5 minutes while trying to cross Cunningham Road one evening, I have first hand experience of how grueling the whole exercise could be.

But the traffic police will have to ensure that people actually stop at these signals cos so far I have not seen people stopping at these new signals on Cunningham Road or Cantonment Railway Station unless the policeman blows his whistle really hard.