End of My Phony Troubles

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After six long months, my HTC Touch is back to being a Pocket PC. Since end of December last year, my phone had suddenly started behaving badly. All files stored on it became read-only, it couldn’t be synced with a PC anymore and no new programs could be installed on it. In short, it had turned into a low-end phone. I even came close to losing all my contacts because of it. After looking for a solution online for months, searching for an exact error message lead me to a really useful thread on Microsoft Forums of all places. The last post on this page (couldn’t find a direct link!) provided the solution and once I followed it, my phone was miraculously back t normal. And guess who the culprit turned out to be – Word Mobile. Incredible, isn’t it? I would never have believed that Word could render a mobile phone useless if I hadn’t experienced it myself. Anyways, I’m ecstatic that my phone is back to normal now. The world is beautiful again, the birds are chirping…you get the drift!