Life’s to-do list

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I’ve known about 43 things since its launch and lots of my friends made a list for themselves but I somehow didn’t feel the need. That’s until now! Today, I finally decided to make the list just to have all (okay, most!) of my short and long term goals at one place. The final list can be viewed here. It consists of 14 items for now. I’m already working on some of the goals (learn a foreign language, learn to play the guitar). Few are to be followed throughout my life (go to the gym regularly, to live instead of exist, take more pictures, travel more, meet new people). Few are yet to be started (learn to cook, learn to dance). Some are one time, easily achievable goals but what I never get around doing (go to a concert, get a massage) and some not-so-easy ones (go bungee jumping). And there’s one long term goal (Own my own business)ย  although that’s something I’d love to do andย  not really a goal. I’ve still kept it on the list. I wonder how many of these will I be able to complete! Do you have a similar list?