A First

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I’m used to doing nothing special on New Year’s Eve and I planned on doing the same this year too but it turned out to be surprisingly different. My cousin and bro-in-law called me up on 30th night and told me that we were going to go to Wonder La, a new amusement-n-water park just outside the city, the next day. Now I remember going to Appu Ghar in Delhi as a kid some ten years ago and loving it but I wasn’t sure if I’ll like it now. And I’ve never been to a water park in my life cos I somehow considered then a waste of time. So I was apprehensive about the whole thing but then something is better than nothing so I went.

And I’m happy that I did. Cos I had a blast there. It’s really a fun place. The most fun that I had was in the wave pool where artificial waves are created. Now if you remember, I have never been to a beach so this was as a first for me. I also discovered that I could be a really fun person when taken out of my natural habitat.

Wave pool

There was dancing in the evening which was thankfully cut short by the New Year fireworks at 7pm cos the park closes down by 8pm. I could take very few pics cos my digicam’s cells went dead. You can see few more photos on my flickr page.

Wonder La

We came back to the city and went to a nice restaurant for dinner, which was also the first time I went to Koramangala. Reached home at 11.40pm in time to usher in the New Year. Mom called me at 11.50pm anticipating the cell phone network jam at midnight. And the networks did get clogged up. The first call I got after midnight was at 12.34pm from my sister. And a few minutes later, I got my first SMS of the year from my bank that my salary had been credited to my account. Great start!