Rome, Pisa, Florence in 2 days

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Last weekend our group of three set out on our first major weeekend trip, to Italy. We left for Frankfurt in the wee hours of Saturday morning and took a flight for Rome at 7.40 am. Reached Rome in about 1 and a half hour, checked in to our hostel (which was very near to Termini Station) and then started our tour of the city. Italy seemed far more foreign than Germany did to me.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking from now on.

Via del Fori Imperialli

Roman Ruins

We walked for 10 minutes through the streets and saw huge roman buildings and ruins.

Side View


It was amazing how there was so much to see in just a small compound.

Colosseum + People

Interiors of Colosseum 2

The Colosseum was also conviniently located right next door. There were hundreds of people there and very few of them were Italians. Atleast 60% of tourists were Americans. There was a fairly large number of Indian tourists everywhere we went.

Piazza San Pietro, Vatican City

After having a pizza in one of the famous roman roadside restaurants, we headed towards the Spanish steps (the only place in our trip that I didn’t care much about) which were extremely crowded and then to the Vatican. Needless to say, The Vatican was truly amazing. The Piazza was huge. We tasted our first Gelati there as well.

Fontana di Trevi

Our last stop for the day was Trevi Fountain which was swarming with people. We managed to find a place near the fountain to throw the customary coin though.

Day two of our journey started with a train ride to Pisa. The whole track ran parallel to the beach and if you remember this post, this was the closest I’ve ever been to a beach.

Campo dei Miracoli, Pisa

Leaning Tower Of Pisa (Campanile)

Our first and only stop in Pisa was Piazza del Duomo because all the attractions are inside one walled area. Somebody must have thought of tourists while constructing these buildings. The only low point of my trip was when I got to know that we could only go up the Leaning Tower at 4.40 pm as only few people are allowed at a time and that wasn’t an option for us as we had a flight back to Frankfurt at 7pm from Florence.


Light Pouring In

Posing for Pictures

From the Base of the Tower

The cathedral (Duomo) is spectacular on the inside but since it was dark, I couldn’t get too many great pictures out of it. Outside, hundreds of people kept taking pictures in the cliched pose and we went to the base of the leaning tower to atleast see it properly from the outside.


A 1 hour train journey took us to Florence but we didn’t have much time left to see the city properly. We just went aroud the station which is pretty close to the famous Duomo and quickly caught the shuttle to the airport. From whatever I saw in the 2 hours that I was there, Florence seemed like a really great place, very modern and clean and the only place in Italy I can imagine leading a normal life in. Others are just worth a short visit, in my opinion.


Back to Frankfurt

We soon got into a really small plane and left for Frankfurt. The view from the flight window was beautiful though. After an hour and a half, we reached Frankfurt and all of us felt relieved to be back home.

In the end, it was a really successful trip and I was doubly happy since I was the one who planned it and made all the arrangements.

I took a total of 338 pictures in 2 days out of which I’ve uploaded 85 on flickr. So if the pictures posted here look good to you, go take a look at my flickr page.