Thoughts on a Lonely Afternoon

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After months of hard work and procrastination, I have finally managed to move my blog from Blogger to its self-hosted WordPress self. The blog now a new name, a new domain and a completely new look.

Things weren’t too easy in the beginning though especially since I had no knowledge of php. But I slowly learnt the small little things I needed. A big help was the large number of WordPress users who have developed a plugin for everything you might need. Special thanks to Dean J Robinson for this fabulous theme called Redoable. And finally, I would like to thank myself for customizing the theme to suit my needs, working so very hard on the move and most of all, manually migrating most of the images from blogger.

So all the regular readers of my once regularly updated blog are requested to update their bookmarks and blogrolls. Also, (mostly positive) comments and questions on all these changes are welcome. I already am aware of some small bugs but still of you find something then let me know.

And keep visiting!! Expect long regular post(s) really soon!! No! Sooner than that!!