Rhythmic Dissonance


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Some of the best birthday memories I have are of me returning home from school to find my sisters lovingly putting things into place for my birthday party and doing everything they could to make the day special for me. I wish I could go back to that time. I can’t usher in this birthday with the same fervor that I do every year but I am doing the best I can. So, Happy Birthday, myself! Here’s wishing that the year ahead will bring happiness for me and my family.



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Disbelief, shock, despair and overwhelming sadness are some of the emotions that me and my family have been going through for the past 10 days now. I lost my sister on 1st November.


Half and Half

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So half my management course is over already. That was fast, now wasn’t it? And we have an ongoing 10-day vacation before the elective terms start. My original plan was to spend large part of this vacation in Bangalore catching up with old friends but thanks to the incessant rains and the accompanied flooding, my plans were ruined. I hate it when that happens. I am still trying to salvage the holidays by doing as little as possible everyday. We also found a way to convert our apartment into a…read more


Super Randomness

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So, a lot happened since the last post. Here’s a gist: Term 2 ended. I took a four vacation and visited home. Term 3 began. All hell broke lose. Term 3 ended. The world was beautiful again! In the five day break last week, I tried to make the most of the beautiful world and I chose to mostly do nothing to enjoy the days properly. I did, however, watch a cult Hindi movie, Gunda, which was nothing short of a classic. Scene after scene of pure unadulterated, unintentional comedy….read more


Real, Surreal

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I realized something the first time I stepped out of the college campus. That if you live in a campus for too long, the campus becomes your whole world and all the small problems within the campus seem big and extremely important. But only when you go out and see that there’s a real world outside can you put things back in perspective. Which is why I’ve made a point to go out once a week so that I don’t lose touch with reality. That’s not saying that I don’t…read more