Rhythmic Dissonance

Super Randomness

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So, a lot happened since the last post. Here’s a gist: Term 2 ended. I took a four vacation and visited home. Term 3 began. All hell broke lose. Term 3 ended. The world was beautiful again! In the five day break last week, I tried to make the most of the beautiful world and I chose to mostly do nothing to enjoy the days properly. I did, however, watch a cult Hindi movie, Gunda, which was nothing short of a classic. Scene after scene of pure unadulterated, unintentional comedy….read more


2008: Year Ender

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Ah, the last day of the year! Always a good day for introspection. Fortunately for me, I’ve been introspecting for the past 1-2 months and though I am mostly satisfied with how things have been so far, I feel the need to do more in life. So the plan is to continue learning new things. This means I’ll continue learning German (I recently completed German A1 level exam! Yay!), take up guitar lessons again, learn to swim, continue learning to cook and much more. Also, I had kinda loosened up on…read more


My Top Movies of 2007

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By now you must have read dozens of “Best Movies of 2007” lists. I deliberately delayed publishing mine. In any case, I don’t say that these are the best movies rather the ones I liked the most. So amongst all the movies I saw last year (and I saw enough!), the following emerged on top: 1. Hot Fuzz 2. Grindhouse 3. Pan’s Labyrinth** 4. Superbad 5. The Simpsons Movie Closer home, the following Hindi movies did it for me: 1. Johhny Gaddaar 2. The Blue Umbrella 3. Chak De! India…read more


My Life as a Movie

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As far back as I can remember, I always imagined my life to be a movie once in a while. And this was much before “The Truman Show”. So in my movie, I am obviously the protagonist and the people I know have key roles of varying importance. Some people have main roles, some recurring, others have guest appearances and then there are lots of extras. Though it can get boring at times, it’s mostly interesting with unexpected twists and turns. Is it common for people to think of their…read more


Show off and Much More

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First things first. Presenting before you, my totally new laptop, an HP Pavilion dv6114tx. I need a name for it. So please suggest a name. It should obviously be a heroic name like Merlin or something. Looks sexy, doesn’t it? (The pic has been deliberately cropped to ensure that you don’t see the wire clutter.) And now, the second showcasing of the post. Yes, its my brand new iPod 80 GB. Please note that my palm just made its second appearance on this blog. And I know that its not…read more