Intolerable Cruelty

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Place: My home somewhere in Bangalore
Time: 5th September, 2005 2038 hrs

My TV suddenly goes blue (indicating no signal). I thought the cable is out but then a notice flashes on the screen informing that the MSOs are blacking-out cable signals in protest of additional 10% tax being imposed on them by the moronic Karnataka government.

Ok, so now I’ve had enough. I can tolerate bad roads, overflowing drain water and traffic jams but the Karnataka Government has gone too far this time. Nobody dares come between my TV and me. And why are they doing it to me? What have I ever done to them besides probably calling them pigheaded which is not even an insult considering that its true. These people are pure evil.
Btw, I would also like to thank my new cell phone for having an inbuilt fm radio to keep me going thru these tough times.