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I realized that my blog was getting a little impersonal therefore I decided to give all the readers some personal information about me so they can know me a little better. Alright, so here are two little weird facts about me that are not known to too many people, not even the ones who are very close to me:

  • I feel a little dizzy when both people and mannequins surround me. I mean, it’s not just the presence of mannequins that makes me dizzy but when life-size mannequins are placed all around the shops and people are also strolling though that area then I get very dizzy. I feel like the mannequins are walking around and the people are standing still. Its crazy and I don’t know if other people get disarrayed around mannequins too. But it happens to me and I don’t know why.
  • I cant bring myself to ask for a ride (lift) even when I absolutely need it. I consider it a kind of weakness but it hasn’t hurt me too much as yet. I just can’t do it. I guess its cos I fear being turned down by strangers. I have a huge ego, you see. In fact, twice I was offered a ride without asking for it out of which once I rejected (cos I was waiting for my college bus and didn’t need the ride) and the other time, when I was standing outside my college and did need a ride, I couldn’t make up my mind as to why the driver stopped and in the mean time, other guys who wanted a ride too got in the car. So till date I have neither asked for nor accepted any rides.