Spare The Snark, Spoil The Networks

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That’s the tagline of Television Without Pity(TWoP), a website that I have now become very used to. I visit it at least once in 2 days. The site basically recaps most shows on television in detail but as the name suggests they pretty much do it with no pity. I started visiting the site for reading recaps of The Amazing Race and its recapper Miss Alli introduced me to a new world I never knew existed. A world where you make as much fun of people on TV as possible. She also introduced me to new phrases like The rich and the tasteless and Skyline porn among others, some of which made me laugh out loud in my office and resulted in people looking at me all funny.

Of course, you can’t imagine how fun it is to read these recaps unless you read one yourself but just to give you a hint, here’s a line from the recap of an episode from The Apprentice:

Trump has decided, since the teams are even at six and six, that it would be a good time to shuffle them up like a deck of playing cards. Incompetent, backstabbing, badly-dressed playing cards with great big teeth. In my favorite development ever, Trump says that this time, the teams will be mixed by having each PM send over the three people the PM doesn’t want. Heh. It’s sort of in the “the more they suck, the more okay it is to humiliate them openly” spirit of this season…….Oh, and Stacy is pouting a tiny little pout, because someone has given her a clue of that which she clearly does not know about herself. It’s like she’s got her brow wrinkled over a brain teaser that says: “You are a [rhymes with ‘rain in the sass’].” Trump says that he’ll see the new teams tomorrow, and sends them off. Carolyn stares after them skeptically, like, “You know, you can rearrange them as many times as you want, and they’re all still going to suck.”

Of course, I must thank reality tv for giving both Miss Alli and the readers for giving us characters that scripted television can’t no matter how hard they try because as the saying goes, “Truth is stranger than fiction”.

More on TWoP later…