A Different World

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Its now more than a week since I joined the new company and I still have two months of training left.

But in just one week, my life has changed a lot.

My old office was quite centrally located on Infantry Road which is just 4 km from my home and one could easily walk to Cunningham Road, Commercial Street and MG Road from there. My new office is in Whitefield, completely outside the city. There is nowhere to go from there. There are big office campuses there and nothing else.

Also, since my home is far from my office, I need to take the office shuttle. The shuttle comes to my stop at 7.15 am in the morning which means I have to get up at 5.30 am. Tragic! I even had to run half the distance yesterday (I woke up late) with people on the road looking at me all funny.

Anyhow, the first day I went to catch the office shuttle, I saw something completely new. A world I never knew existed. There were only buses and cabs belonging to software companies on the road apart from a few private vehicles. And there were atleast 20 people waiting for their respective buses/cabs. It was surprising.

I’ve almost got used to the new routine and all the commuting somehow makes me feel more like a part of Bangalore’s IT brigade.

Update: Forgot to add a funny incident. One evening I was sitting in the bus as were 4-5 other people. The driver came in and held up a book which said, “Know Your Limits”. Within a second, it was clear that he had found it in the bus and wanted to return it to the owner but I wondered how funny it would have been if he had actually bought it and wanted everyone to read it and then stay within their limits. Maybe its one of those things where you have to be there for it to be funny bcos it was really funny and I couldn’t control my laughter, which I finally had to bcos there were other people there (who I don’t speak to) and they would have assumed that I’m nuts.