Caught Up!

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Its been a hectic week or rather a hectic first half and too relaxed second half.

I got relieved from my first company on Tuesday and joined the new one on Wednesday which was great because I didn’t take a single day’s break. But my first day in my new company was shortened because a huge (not in size!) film star had died. Coincidentally, my first day at the new job also turned out to be the first day I saw burning tires in the middle of the road. Exciting!

I got a long 4-day holiday and was able to eat lunch on Thursday only because an Army-run supermarket in my neighborhood was open.

I don’t know what to say about the shameless things that happened in the city. I am just mad at the police for not firing on the low-lives. I mean they lost a constable and only 5 morons died! This is so unfair. They had a tremendous opportunity. The scum of Bangalore was gathered together in front of them, which happens rarely, and the police could have easily wiped them out. The death toll could have easily been 5000 and I would have been a happy man.

Coming back to the job change, people in my (now previous) company were very helpful and I felt really bad about leaving the job. I felt equally sad about saying goodbye to my office PC. I did transfer my personal files to pen drives before leaving though.

In other news, I made my first “real” trip to a bank this week. It was a nice experience. ICICI bank is far better than I expected it to be.

I haven’t been able to read blogs but I’ll try to catch up on all of them now.