Hyd and Seek

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After a longish, fat filled vacation at home, I returned to Hyderabad (Hyd, in short) almost three months ago. I have since started working, rented a house, and bought all kinds of things to make it livable. The experience of living in the city (i.e. in the real Hyd and not inside the walls of ISB) so far has been okay at best. And that is after living in Banjara Hills, one of the better parts of the city and working in Somajiguda, the city center. 

Based on my interactions with the shop owners/attendants, auto drivers, service reps, people offering their apartments on rent and some general public, I find most people in Hyd to be lazy, unhelpful and a tad incompetent. But then maybe it’s too early to form an opinion. I am open to giving the city a chance to redeem itself.

Things are good otherwise. I have started working out again, determined to los all the excess fat that I have accumulated in the last couple of months. My parents are visiting me right now and life is fun. The brilliant weather adds to it. Oh, and I love my house! 

I plan to start lots of new things/activities soon to make life interesting again (the title probably gave away the non-imaginative state I’m in) because I really miss my life before MBA that I left behind in Bangalore. And I need to do enough to justify having done whatever I did in the last two years. And I need to do it fast!