New Music Recently Discovered Through TV Shows

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Just like movies, TV shows can also be a great way of discovering new music especially music which you would never listen to otherwise. In my case, most music I discover is similar to the music I like but by artists I don’t give a try. Its weird that most music I discover is Alternative/Indie and Electronica. Or is it simply a case of self-selection?

So here’s a list of few songs I discovered recently through TV and liked enough to listen again (and mention here!):

1. Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club: I really like this song. The video isn’t too bad either.

2. Walking on a Dream by Empire of The Sun: Very trippy, very M83-ish. The video is extremely weird though.

3. Bonafide Lovin’ by Chromeo: A funny song! The video here is a fan video but suits the song very well.

4. Let Your Love Grow Tall by Passion Pit: This is a happy song. Again, its an amateur video that suits the song pretty well.

5. Only Man by Audio Bullys: The song’s alright but the video is really cool!

Honorable mentions:

Run by Stephen Fretwell: Theme song of ‘Gavin & Stacie’
One Way Road by Paul Weller: Theme song of ‘Lead Balloon’