Of Accomplished Missions, iPhone Killer and Hateful Buses

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On my last visit back home, I was told that I had gained some weight which was surprising because I had already joined the gym and I thought it was working for me. After hearing lots of similar comments, I decided to take matters into hand, went through lots of websites related to health & diet and came up with my own plan of eating healthy and staying fit. And thus began “Mission Hotness”! It was essentially a 2 month plan (which ends August 31) that required me to live under a new fitness regime – eating 6 balanced meals in a day, staying away from fatty food and of course, working out, exercising and walking. I followed the plan religiously and even though the mission is yet to end, I already have biceps and triceps just about visible to the naked eye, I can see the emergence of a v shaped torso, my waist has already gone down a size and I have lost around 1kg. I am ecstatic and want everyone to know that such plans do work!! This achievement did cause its own problems though. All my regular fitted jeans became loose and the loose ones became useless. I had to buy two new pairs of jeans in a hurry!! But thats all part of the game. I’m going to continue following the plan for now and hopefully, I’ll be in perfect shape soon!

I bought my second cellphone more than two years ago. I had just started regular blogging back then and I wrote this post about it. I had promised myself that I will use the new phone for 2 years and then buy a new phone. I kept my promise and two weeks ago, I bought a shiny new HTC Touch. Its been called an iPhone killer by few sections of the media but that doesn’t really matter to me. What I like is that its tiny (its codename was elf!), sleek, sexy and most of all a windows mobile phone which lets you do everything with just a finger. Honestly, I don’t have to use the stylus at all!

The morning bus to work hates me. I have to fight with the window for 2-5 mins to get it to open. And because it always loses to me, it decided to get back at me couple of days ago by spewing its venom on me. Sure, it was intelligent enough to disguise it as muddy, rain water but I know what it really was. If I had an open wound, I could have poisoned! But it isn’t the only evil bus I have to deal with. The new evening bus is the most sadistic bus ever. Its so uncomfortable that one can never sleep even for a second in it. And I have to spend close to 2 hours in it. It has made my life miserable. Its hard to resist the temptation of setting it on fire. And if you are wondering why I am writing about buses all of a sudden, I spend 3 hours in these buses everyday! What else do you expect?