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  • I am really impressed by the overall packaging and presentation of Sahara’s new Hindi movie channel, Filmy. All the more because technical finesse is something you don’t really expect from Sahara. The channel truly has a very filmy style. Everything from the logo to the promos and all things in between are all very filmy. Plus they also show recap of the movie after each break.
  • STAR News and the likes have finally done it. The way they made what was clearly a real wardrobe malfunction incident look like a cheap publicity stunt is truly appalling. In fact, most of the Indian media is to blame for making a big deal out of the thing as well as leaking out the video clip in the form of an MMS. What’s even more disturbing is that people are making all kinds of comments regarding Carol Gracias, who in my opinion, must be praised for dealing with the whole thing so gracefully on the ramp. I think that’s what irks some people. They would have loved it had she panicked and left the stage immediately. Moreover, what the numbskulls masquerading as news journalist don’t get is why on earth would a popular and established model like her do such a thing on purpose? And that too not just for TV but also in front of live audience. Oh, I get it. Because she’s a model. Models don’t care about going nude in public and being objectified, do they?
  • Staying with the same story, the Maharashtra govt. has ordered a probe to find if the two malfunctions in the LFW were staged because apparently, “the incident has hurt the sensibilities of people, especially women”. Now who exactly could these people be? Its definitely not the people who were at the fashion show cos they seemed unfazed by it in the clip and clapped for Carol later in the day. Could it be the people who would really never see a fashion show but saw it on the news? But how could have the blurred out version hurt their sensibilities? Maybe it’s the people who downloaded the video clip off the Internet. Not! So that leaves us with just one option – Shiv Sainiks. It’s been a while since Valentine’s Day. They need something to do.I agree that the designers should be careful about these things and should own up instead of saying that these things keep happening but a probe into it is completely ridiculous especially when there are laughable things like this (via India Uncut) going on in the country which actually require a probe.