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Remember the quarter-life crisis I mentioned few months back? Well, it hasn’t gone away yet! It comes back unannounced time and again to haunt me. And it’s not alone anymore. It is accompanied with massive bouts of loneliness. The reasons are many and yet none that I can pin down in particular. Everything just comes together to ensure that I am uneasy, confused and in turmoil most of the time. So much so that I spent an entire weekend wondering if I can somehow fix the situation. But at the end of that horribly long weekend, it dawned on me that there probably is no quick fix for what I am going through.

So I etched a vague plan on how I can make things better but that would take its own time. For the time being, I have just decided to stay happy somehow. And since I work well with missions, I went ahead and turned it int one – “Mission Happiness”. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Stay happy! But surprisingly, its proving to be far more difficult than my last mission. Each day is a struggle. To pretend at work that everything is alright, to sound happy on the phone with Mom n Dad, to do everything I once liked doing, to be happy, to just be!

But being the hopeless optimist that I am, I know that things will work out eventually. I just hope this phase ends sooner than later!