Time To Play The Host

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I have a guest coming over to stay with me for sometime (at least a week or two). He’s my nephew but is actually my age. He’s just out of college and has few interviews to attend here.

Now, this is the first time somebody is coming to stay with me in my room. (Actually, I like calling it a studio apartment. Does that make it sound better or worse?)

Also, I feel a little weird about being somebody’s only contact in a city. Don’t know why but I just do.

I am also a very difficult person to live with cos I basically have few rules and like things done in a certain way. If you don’t follow my rules, you must bear the brunt of my anger.

I’m a cleanliness freak too so if you dirty the place, you will be shouted at and ridiculed by sarcastic comments.

I also love to argue over stupid things and will go to any lengths to win the argument.

For the past ten months, I have been living alone and do whatever I want whenever I want. Having someone else living with me might make me feel tied down. My mom knows me too well. The first thing she said when I gave this news to her was “Tumhari azaadi mein khalal” which literally translates into “hindrance in your freedom”. [To people who understand Hindi/Urdu – No, my family doesn’t always speak in such shuddh Urdu. Only sometimes when they feel like it.]

Of course, all my apprehensions could be wrong and I might actually enjoy having some company and it could turn out to be fun. Lets see how it goes.

In the meanwhile, ever the perfectionist, I decided to tidy up my place in order to garner few more praiseful words from my nephew and since the room and bathroom are already clean, I turned my attention to the cupboard and cleaned it from top to bottom. Thorough cleaning is one of the best pastimes ever.