Yesterday’s Highlights

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Yesterday was an eventful day.

While returning home from work, a traffic policeman tried to stop me for no apparent reason and I was somehow not in a mood to answer his stupid questions or give him Rs.300 for some inane reason so I decided to ignore him and kept going on. He must have been pissed. Heh. Well, even though my actions might seem irrational, I must tell you that traffic police in Bangalore stop and harassing people for no reason (expect than earning some money, of course) and just on Saturday night, a traffic policeman came walking towards me at a signal and asked my name and where I was coming from, all the while trying to smell if I was drunk and then he was sure I was sober, he went to the car behind me, in search of his prey. So, in short, I hate policemen.

Anyhow, it was after I got home that I started how cool it would be to have all policemen on a lookout for me, just like in the movies. Dodging policemen all over the city and then finally escaping to The Caribbean.

For now, I am just happy that the Bangalore Traffic Police doesn’t have electronic number plate readers. Suckers.

Then I got home after being stuck on Nandidurg Road (refer my previous post if u want to know why) and it won’t be wrong to say that the day was eventful elsewhere too.
For the first time in human history, a space ship was repaired while in orbit. Props to Stephen Robinson, the whole Discovery team and NASA.

Also in news, an Air France plane skidded off the runway at the Toronto International Airport just like the Air India plane in Mumbai last week but unlike last week, this plane caught fire but miraculously all passengers escaped unhurt.

And, Adidas has bought Reebok which I couldn’t care less about. What I do care about, however, is that Oracle has bought major stake in iflex.

At any rate, I continued to watch TV, ate dinner and then slept.

Well, those were the highlights of yesterday. So now you know that my life really sucks.