Rediff Movie Reviews and Haters

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Rediff, like many other portals, have a movie review section where they review the latest releases and as expected, a lot of Rediff users, read these reviews. Unfortunately, not too many of them agree with these reviews which is fine but since these reviews have a “post a comment” option, these people comment on these reviews with utmost hatred. I have read some of these comments and most of them are very insulting and I just don’t understand why they need to be so personal about it. I agree that Rediff doesn’t seem to have got very “professional” reviewers but still.

Another thing that annoys me is that if these people really don’t think that rediff’s reviews are good then why do they keep coming back and commenting and mocking them. If I don’t think the reviews from a particular source, I move on and look for other sources but this is just crazy. Now one may argue that people comment because Rediff asks for their feedback but hasn’t years of bad reviewing and even worse commenting proved that Rediff doesn’t care. So why these people don’t get it is completely beyond me.

Also one might think that given India’s huge population, a different set of people comment every time but having spent some time researching it (I know I am really a big time online (re)searcher), I found that its mostly the same set of people who keep commenting.

I go back to Rediff Movie Reviews sometimes too but only to see their take on a movie.
So I think the best thing for Rediff to do now is to disable the comments because that will be best for everyone.

Of course, this is just my opinion and you might not agree with it and comment, which is fine, but just don’t get personal.