Best Music of 2009

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Its almost the end of the year, the perfect time to make the year-end lists. So I thought I’ll start with a list of the best music that I heard for the first time in 2009. I have tried to include an audio or a video sample for all the music in the list to help you discover new music too.

Lets start with the first part of the list with new music released in 2009:

1) Dev.D – All Songs: It was almost overwhelming to have 18 amazing and diverse songs in one album. I loved all of them and still do but my favorites are Dhol Yaar Dhol (sampled here), Nayan Tarse and Ek Hulchul Si.

2) Delhi-6 – Many Songs: Again, this album released close on the heels of Dev.D and had mostly good songs with Dill 6, Arziyaan and Dil Gira Dafatan (featured below) being my favorites.

3) Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance: A friend suggested this video to me which was fast becoming a YouTube sensation and for good reason. I liked the video & I liked the song more.

4) Miles Fisher – This Must Be The Place: Another song I notice because of the video was becoming a rage. This cover of the Talking Heads song pays a tribute to the movie “American Psycho” through its video. I like the electronic feel of the song and the video is good too.

5) Wake Up Sid – Kya Karoon/Iktara: Two awesome songs – one more than the other – from a surprisingly good soundtrack. I like Kya Karoon slightly more though.

6) Owl City – Fireflies: Another song suggested by a friend. Although the band was totally new for me, their music is very similar to one of my favorites, The Postal Service. Owl City is also a fan of them so its understandable. Really good, surreal, electronic pop!

7) Sara Lov – Fountain: Discovered this gem of a song on Amie Street. Fine lyrics, a haunting voice and soothing music make this a great slow, mellow song.

Now, the second part of the list with music that released earlier but received the honour of being heard by me only this year:

8 Stars – 14 Forever: Stars released their EP, Sad Robots late last year but for some curious reason, I missed it. I did get around to it this year and especially liked this song. Its a light-hearted, fun, summery song.

9) Feist – I Feel it All / Mushaboom: recommended Feist to me based on my music library and they were right. I like the dreamy quality of her songs. See it for yourself in the Mushaboom video.

10) Anoushka Shankar & Karsh Kale – Oceanic, Part 2 (Feat. Ravi Shankar): This song is a classic example of how music doesn’t always need words. Fantastic piece!

So here you have the best music I heard in 2009. What were some of your favorites this year?