Music Nuggets – Picks Of The Week (Aug 8 – Aug 14)

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In a continuing effort to diversify my taste in music, I am trying to listen to more and more genrés. So here are this week’s picks :

Save the Last Dance for Me by Michael Bublé

I have no idea what genre this is or what kinda people listen to it. It sounds a little like Jazz. The music is good and Michael has a very distinctive voice. The fact that the song is so different from the regular stuff makes it stand out even more.

Album : It’s Time
Genre : Miscellaneous
My Score : 6.5/10

Lose Control by Missy Elliott/Ciara/Fatman Scoop;

The first single from Missy’s new album is nothing you haven’t heard before. It even has the words “work me” reminding you of another song of her. Even Ciara’s presence doesn’t help much. Must say it’s a huge disappointment.

Album : The Cookbook
Genre : Rap & Hip Hop
My Score : 6/10

So Good by Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens is back with a new single and I must say that its video is really boring. Having said that, the song isn’t boring at all. Its a fast-paced dance-pop track and since I have a softspot for BritPop, I can’t help but like it.

Album : So Good [Single]
Genre : BritPop
My Score : 7/10

Aashiq Banaya Aapne by Himesh Reshammiya & Shreya Ghoshal

I’m sorry but I can’t tolerate Himesh’s voice. He tries to sound like Kailash Kher in the sufi style but manages to do just an okay job. But that does not take much away from the song. The music is fine and Shreya Ghoshal, as always, is a delight to listen to.

Album : Aashiq Banaya Aapne
Genre : Hindi Soundtrack
My Score : 6.5/10

Chal Diye by Amit Sana

So the Indian Idol runner-up finally has his own much deserved album and if the title track is any indication then this must be a great album. I am yet to hear the rest of the songs but this song is pretty good, far better than the boring songs of Abhijeet Sawant. He sounds great but his voice reminds me of some other singer but I am yet to figure out who. Anyways, a fantastic debut.

Album : Chal Diye
Genre : IndiPop
My Score : 7.5/10