New Sensation

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So Rockstar:INXS came to an end this week with JD winning and becoming the new front man for INXS. Good for him. Even though I wanted Marty to win, I somehow feel that INXS made the right decision. I mean, JD has a huge fan base that will automatically become INXS fan base now plus JD does have the rock star thing going on for him. Well, I wish them best of luck. What made me really happy though was that they eliminated Mig early on in the show. He sucks.

One more thing that I like about the finale was the absence of drama that we usually show in all reality finales. All the other contestants were present at the finale but neither we saw much of them nor did they speak a word.

In the end, INXS with their new lead singer JD premiered a new song, “Easy, Easy” and it sounded pretty good. So it was a good end to a good show.