Rock Star:INXS Week 5

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This week we got to see a lot of drama starting with Ty crying for being in the bottom three and saying he felt responsible to “[his] people” being the only African-American in the competition. The things people do to get pity votes.

The contestants were made to talk to the press and work on their “press” skills and Mig told one of the journalists that JD was the worst person to live with. and so guilty about it that when Jessica & JD fought over a song, he gave his song to JD. Now that’s some stupid stuff.

People got drunk- rockstars’ style (??). Jessica showed something in her bathroom to JD and Brandon and I really don’t want to know what. Jessica came for the rehersal with a hangover.

Performances were okay this week. Some sucky, some not so sucky and some good. Jessica said “Whateva!” in response to one of the comments on her performance.

Jessica, Suzie & Brandon landed in the bottom three. Brandon forgot his lines and got the boot and Jessica got to stay even after mouthing-off to “our band” INXS!!

A lot of theories have been suggested for keeping her in the TWoP Forums. Take your pick.