We Might as Well Be Strangers

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I’ve been a fan of Keane ever since I heard (or rather saw) their first single, “Everybody’s Changing” but till a few days ago I had only heard (and seen) their singles and so my liking was limited.
But I found a great download link to a huge collection of their songs (including bonus tracks, remixes and b sides) and I’m completely hooked to all their songs since then.
Keane is simply fantastic. All their songs are magical. In fact, I have started liking them so much that I’ve decided to buy their CD (an honor that I only give to a select few).

The songs that I like the most are “Your Eyes Open”, “She Has No Time”, “Snowed Under”, “We Might as Well Be Strangers”, “Wolf at the Door”, “Somewhere Only We Know”, “This Is the Last Time” and “Allemande”. But actually I like all the other ones too.

I wonder how long this addictive phase will last but I’m a lifetime Keane fan now.