Road Rage

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Its very cold here in Bangalore these days(the temperature varies between 21 and 23 degrees) with no sunshine for the past three days and I don’t feel like getting up early in the morning. So I got late and left home at 9.45 instead of 9.00 which could only mean one thing – more morons on the roads.

Now I consider myself to be one of the most coolheaded people on the roads of Bangalore and I generally empathize with most people who seem to be out of their element on the roads but I am running out of patience. Just a week ago a stupid bus driver got his bus stuck under a rail overbridge but today just near the overbridge, a moronic motorist bumped his car’s left front door into the pavement for no apparent reason and then stopped, got off his car and started inspecting the damage he had done to his car, all the while causing a traffic jam. And just guess where I was during this time,right!behind!him! I was stuck there for about 3-4 mins amidst all the honking.

Later, I had to dodge a very old lady(80-85 yrs) who was trying to cross Queens Road (a one way with non-stop high-speed traffic). I don’t really blame her because even I find crossing one ways very difficult and to be fair to her, she was trying to walk as fast as she could, unlike a middle aged guy who was walking so slow while crossing Millers road (another one way) that believe you me there are people who walk faster than that while on a casual stroll.

More rambling about the Bangalore traffic situation soon…