Joys Of Reality TV

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I love reality TV and hate all those “Down with reality” people. Shut up, people.
Reality is good. Where else do you get a chance to make fun of real people? Whenever a new reality show starts, the first thing I do after figuring out the “who is who” is who is likely to be the most stupid, who will fight with who, etc. Although sometimes I wonder how I’ll come across on reality TV. I don’t think I’ll look dumb on TV but I might look like an ass. I dread that. I think everybody should star in at least one reality show so they can see how bad or good a person they look on TV and then change themselves accordingly. Not that I think the people who have appeared on reality shows so far have learnt anything from their 15 mins of fame. (think Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth).

Reality is fun, people.