Weekly Tele-Roundup

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Indian Idol is back and it got its share of very good, good, okay and bad singers this time around too. They even went to Lucknow this time (Go Lucknow!!) The good news is that the 28 finalists chosen are pretty good except for a young girl from Delhi called Neha who might pull off a Jasmine Trias or Ravinder Ravi. Much better than the last time but the bad news is that Anu Malik is very irritating to watch. He and his poems must die.

On Aaki’s request, I tried watching India Calling and I am amazed at the kind of crap the channels can come up with these days. The whole big city-small city cliché, a call center being run as a family business, a new employee being allowed to make telemarketing calls without training – it’s all very ridiculous.

Coupling is being re-aired and I’m watching it again cos it is that good. Seriously, that’s one series that’s not to be missed.

After three seasons, MTV has only been able to make Roadies just a tad interesting. They mostly rely on the oldest trick of reality shows, unexpected twists and turns.

Also, Channel 7 in its continuing effort to keep its viewers abreast of the most important news from all over the world broadcasted a 30-minute special show at 9pm (that’s primetime, people) on a Rs. 4 Crores (40 million) wedding of an NRI couple in Jaipur. I know how dumb it sounds but it was actually very funny to watch. The couple made their friends from The U.S. dance to completely choreographed bollywood songs. Why? Cos they have too much money. That’s why!