Great Expectations

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I expected a lot from Kingfisher Airlines but they have already started disappointing me even though I am yet to fly with them. I booked my tickets for Bangalore – Delhi round trip for October end on 22nd August for Rs.9040 both sides and happily carried by ticket printout home.

Now, the day before yesterday, I just thought of checking my status for fun and what do I see? Both my flights have been rescheduled. The Bangalore-Delhi flight that was supposed to depart at1310 hrs and land at 1540 hrs will now depart at 1720 and arrive at 1950 hrs. That’s a difference of 4 hours. The Delhi- Bangalore flight will arrive at 2310 hrs in Bangalore, a full 2 hours later than it was supposed to. I wonder when they were planning to tell me about this rescheduling. At the airport, I guess.

Fortunately, I saw all this and called them up. They checked it all up and said that indeed my flight had been rescheduled. I then asked them to shift me to a morning flight on the Bangalore – Delhi sector and they said they can do it but I will have to pay the difference between what I paid for the ticket and what it costs now. In this case, it was Rs. 1500. My question is- why should I pay more? They changed the schedule after I booked my tickets. If the new schedule doesn’t suit me, I should be allowed to change my flight.

What’s makes me fume even more is that the flight I’m on is sold out and a ticket on it will cost Rs.11000 now while the flight I want to switch to does have seats available at Rs. 6000. So if I switch, a seat will become available on the costlier flight. So why should pay?

I cant even cancel the booking cos they will only give me a credit note which I can use within one years time. So I am stuck with them.